U.S. Senate for Pennsylvania


From Day One, I promised you that I would never shy away from giving you the straight truth.

So, I want you to be the first to know that today, I'm ending my campaign for US Senate.

We always knew this would be a tough fight; we were up against powerful forces: Super PACs and lobbyists, industrial polluters and science-deniers, billionaires and system-riggers – not to mention entrenched political parties – all working their hardest to defend the status quo.

Our message resonated with working families, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to attract the attention or dollars that we needed to scale up. Ultimately, the crowded field, first viewed as a positive for us, splintered the media coverage and sources of funds too thin for this outsider.

But even facing near-impossible odds, we made impressive progress:

  • In under six months, we built our movement from a few dozen friends into thousands of working people committed to change;

  • We expanded the political debate to include overlooked issues like Period Poverty;

  • We let our elected officials know that Pennsylvanians know there's no such thing as good fracking, and made clear our demand for an immediate end to all fracking;

  • And we put the establishment on notice that working families are holding them accountable, taking back our democracy, and fighting for leaders who'll solve problems.


In other words, we've built a movement. One that matters.


To all the people who joined our movement, greeted me so warmly across our commonwealth, and who contributed, thank you. I am humbled and honored. I hope I respected your trust in me. 


The end of the campaign isn't the end of our work, John. Obviously, it isn't the news I'd hoped to share, but we have never let setbacks stop us, and we're not about to start now.


I'll be in touch about where we go from here, but in the meantime, take a moment to appreciate what we created and what we accomplished together.


As always, I am honored to stand at your side,




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Phoenixville PA 19460

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