Green New Deal (GND): Security & Economic Recovery

Everyone should be focused on, and concerned with, the existential threat to our environment.

The science is indisputable and action is required NOW.

While we can debate how we work towards saving our planet we can no longer debate if it needs saving.

The Green New Deal (GND) is not an idea to be feared, yet some politicians use it to scare voters. The fear mongers who deny climate change are invested in fossil fuels and care little about us or the planet. The GND can be used to improve our security, create sustainable jobs while saving our planet.

If you doubt in climate change I offer you two thoughts:

  1. Notice the global wild fires, floods, tornados, the increased frequency and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes...this is climate change.

  2. If climate change supporters are incorrect, then we have cleaner water, fresher air, less pollution, better paying jobs--healthier jobs--and energy independence. If climate change deniers are wrong--we die.


Seems like an easy choice to me.