Making America Safe and Equal

This is the most critical and urgent issue we face; until all Americans can feel and be safe on any street in this country we cannot achieve our potential.

There are too many instances of inequality and racism in our justice system. Ranging from the  behavior of police officers and prosecutors to our elected officials. We need to act now:


  • Shift the economic impact of police brutality to the officers and their fraternal organization in order to force a change in behavior

  • Increase the number of unarmed community representatives, including social workers and other mental health professionals and decrease the number of armed officers. These are the people who should be responding to incidents involving mental illness

  • Increase investment in public defender departments

  • Close all private prisons 

  • Release all those imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses 

  • Make body-cams a requirement for all officers AND make it a felony to disable your body-cam or otherwise obfuscate the record regarding police behavior 

  • All police involved shootings should be investigated by a citizen review board and prosecuted by a special prosecutor without existing relationships with the police force